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Title: Turanium

Description:Turanium is very unusual space game with very unusual organism. This game is set sometime in the distance future. Your mission, as a turanium space trooper, and the goal of this free online space game is to rid the surrounding areas of evil organism. To do that you must destroy wave after wave of enemies. Once you have cleared everything from the screen, the level is complete. At the end of each level you can earn bonuses. Use your mouse to play this fun game, use the left click of your mouse to shoot at enemy organisms. Hold down the left-click to get faster shots. Also you can collect power ups. If you are hit by your enemy you will lose some of your health, your spaceship will blow up and you will have to restart the level. This fun game has totally 15 levels to play, try to pass tham all. Give your best to rid the universe of evil organisms. Good luck!

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