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Title: Zombie at the Gates

Description:Zombie at the Gates - another great game with zombies on the net. You are a king and the zombies are approaching. Now you have to collect resources to upgrade your castle to a flying castle and float away from the monsters. The point of this free online game is to survive as long as you can and to build the Flying castle. You have to leave the danger zone that is full of scary zombies. As you wander the castle grounds, zombies pop up out of the ground and attack you. Also you have to collect resources (wood, wool, stone, pelt) on your way in order to build the Flying castle. Try to collect more resources to build the Flying castle as fast as you can and to leave the zone full of evil zombies. Try to destroy more boxes so you will be able to buy better weapon. Also you can collect stars to upgrade your abilities such as speed, lives and magnet. Use the left, right or the A, D keys to move, use the mouse to shop navigation, use the P key to pause, use the Z or K keys for close combat weapon, use the X or L key for distant combat weapon, use S (twice) or down (twice) for stomp hit. Good luck!

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Zombie at the Gates