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Title: The Last Shelter

Description:The Last Shelter is awesome free of charge alien game on the net. A planet has been found after years of searching and it is time to start building energy collectors. On this beautiful planet you are not alone. The planet is full with spiders, scorpions, beetles and other very ugly crawlies. It is time to protect your base from this alien bugs and battle out against tham. Try to survive on this planet as long as you can. You start out with a small amount of energy and a limited choice of different kinds of guns in each stage. Also you can only place turrets in places that have access to thermal energy, which amounts to only a small fraction of the map. You have the ability to get in air support, such as conventional bombs or nukes. You have to use them wisely, because you will have a long recharge time before they become available again. Try to beat the bugs, in order to get experience points. With tha poinst you can upgrade your turret armor, reload times, resell value atc. Only thing you need to play this fun game is your mouse. Enjoy playing this very exciting alien game!

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The Last Shelter