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Title: Space Kid

Description:Space Kid is very exciting free online space game. In this awesome game some astronauts were traveling through space, exploring and discovered a new planet. They took a look on the planet, but they were attacked by alien robots. Suddenly someones trying to help that is Space Kid. Space Kid is the only one who can save them. In this fun game you play the role of this brave Space Kid. Game controls: use the arrow keys to move, use the A key for knife, use the S key to shoot and use the R key to reload. First you have to select your player and then you can start playing this fun game. Watch out on your health and on your lives or you will lose this game. Play this cool game, it is very easy to play but it is very interesting. Give your best, Space Kid, the astronauts are counting on you. Good luck and have fun playing this terrific space game!

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Space Kid