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Title: Star Racer

Description:Star Racer is very fun and addictive free online space game. Race some wicked tracks around the galaxy. Drive your space mobile on different tracks and try to defeat all your enemies. Choose from three spaceships and match your speed with other racers. You have four different racing circuits on distant planet. Clear the check points before the time runs out. If you crash your space mobile you will lose speed. Go ahead and try to win all the tracks. Move the star ship using the arrow keys: use the up arrow key to accelerate, use the down arrow key to brake, use the right and left arrow keys to move the spaceship to the left or right side. This fun game has colorful graphics, nice music and fun race. While racing, be careful of two main things that can slow you down: first, bumping into another ship will slow you down, you can see the ship's speed on the bottom left. Second, slipping from the track to the road shoulders, might slow down the vehicle, or worse, deliver an electric shock that will stun it for a while. On the top there is a countdown, if the star ship won't reach the next checkpoint by this time, the game will be over. Play this cool space game and have a lot of fun in the galaxy!

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Star Racer