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Title: Ben 10 Space Bike

Description:Ben 10 Space Bike is a space game with the famous cartoon heroes Ben 10 and Gwen. In this game Ben 10 and Gwen have alien super powers and they have green space motorbikes. Your job is to help Ben 10 or Gwen to go around the space mountains on the green bike and avoid the obstacles. Try to cross eight difficult tracks full of dangerous obstacles. On your way get objects to get a high score. Use the arrow keys to drive and control the bike, use the up and down arrow keys to go forward and backward, use the left and right arrow keys to balance left and right, use the enter key to change directions. Try to stay balanced without tipping over. First you have to select your bike, choose between Ben 10 bike or Gwen ATV and then you can start playing the game. Ben bike has better control but slower speed and lighter bike framework and Gwen ATV has heavier frame, higher speed but it is hard to control. Play this super fun game and enjoy!

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Ben 10 Space Bike