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Title: Zayo

Description:Zayo is very exciting online free alien game. You live in a world where all cute little bunnies are hunted, but one bunny fights back. It name is Zayo. Zayo is trapped in a cage and will be a tasty dinner soon for the big fat and evil alien. You have to help this cute bunny Zayo to escape and slay down this horrible and evil alien at the end of the game. Use your heavy guns to face the mighty goblin army and try to stop their bunny kidnappings. All bunnies are counting on you, give your best. Instruction: to play this game you have to use D to move right, use A to move left, press A or D twice quickly to run into that direction, use your mouse cursor to aim and shoot at the aliens, use numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 to switch weapons and F to activate and use things. Play this terrific alien game and have fun!

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