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Title: Paranormality

Description:Paranormality is very exciting free online alien game. In this terrific game you are a guard dog and you are guarding your boss house. but his house is attacked by the aliens and they are trying to kidnap the bosses baby. Your objectiv as a guarding dog is to save the family baby from the ugly aliens. To do that you have to collect all the gold and the keys. whit the keys try to open the treasure chests without being haunted by all the souls around. To play this cool game use the arrow keys to move: to go left and right and to jump. Use the space bar to fire bones. At the begining of the game you have 4 lives and one weapon fire bones. When you spent the weapon you can reload. If you lose a life the game will return you at the begining. If you lose all your lives the game will be over and the baby will be kidnapped by the ugly aliens. Use your running, jumping and shooting skills to win in this game and try not to let the aliens kidnap the baby. Prove that you are the real guard dog. Play this amazing game in your spare time and have fun!

Rating: 5.00 [Rate]