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Title: Zombie Invasion

Description:Zombie Invasion is terrific online zombie game. In this cool game zombies have attacked the mankind and everyone has been devastated. Every day is a battle in the war to survive. Few remain to hold them off. You are one of them. Try to hold off as many zombies as you can. This game has two game modes: campaign and survival, 10 levels, 8 guns, and a lot of blood. In the campaign mode the zombie invasion is already started, all the zombies can be killed but you are on your own until 6 AM, with no supplies. Choose difficulty level easy or hard and start killing zombies. Your aim is to kill all the zombies. Use up key for previous weapon, use down key for next weapon, use space key to reload, and use G key to throw grenades (beware that after you throw a grenade it takes a while before you can throw another one). You must shoot the zombies before they pass your guard tower. You earn bonus points for headshots. At the and of the round you can buy more weapons. Good luck, fighter!

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Zombie Invasion